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From Poker Addict to Volunteer in the Amazon

Joey Barajas challenged God, and God did not disappoint him.


The finest songs begin with Him, and end with Him, and He’s in every note between.

Is There Biological Evidence of Life’s Recent Creation? – Part II

It is reassuring to see how often interpretation of data is consistent with God’s Word.

Is There Biological Evidence of Life’s Recent Creation? – Part I

Science does not always tell us the whole story.

My Observations of the Youth Leaders Congress

The Kassel event could be a catalyst for last-day mission

High Hopes Smashed—Again!

We need to put our faith only and consistently in God, not in human beings.


God’s grace is always right on time—at just the point we finally agree how lost we were and how found we are.

Going Seismic?

How can we have a seismic impact in the ripples that emanate outward from us?

Conserving Island Earth

Does the Bible have something to say about the way we relate to our planet?

Say “Uncle!”

There is power in humility and submission.

Cliff's Edge-Theological Alchemy

Yes, ancient Hebrews lived in a pre-scientific age. So what?

Love Like Crazy

I had just witnessed the best metaphor for what it means to be a Christian.

Cliff’s Edge – The Apocalyptic Monsters' Category


Cliff's Edge-Those First 10 Chapters

My humble, and pastoral, advice: Take off your shoes, friends, for you are standing on holy ground.

Cliff's Edge-Neurons Thinking about Neurons

We have no answers on the physiology of free will, even if our theology demands it.

The Bigger Issue Behind Gun Violence

Our society has revived the Roman colosseum

Plenty of Blame to Go Around

Through the centuries . . . there has often been a question of who, humanly speaking, was responsible for the death of the Christ.

Cliff's Edge-Embarrassing the Faith

Very little of what science deemed apodictic in the nineteenth century survived the twentieth.

In Praise of Fasting

Can self-denial help us to open to the radical lordship of Jesus Christ over our lives?

God's Balloons?

Helping other people, being "Jesus in their life," isn't always easy, and the responses we get won't always be positive.

Oy Vey

If cosmologists are correct about dark matter and dark energy, it would mean that we know so much less about the created world than we had imagined.

Race, Culture, Mission! Part 2

A Reasonable Expectation of the Supernatural

The mere existence of the natural world . . . makes the biblical promises of its supernatural re-creation a reasonable expectation.

Mission, Race, Culture, and Structure in the North American Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church

Race, Culture, Mission!

Not a Drill!

Watering Down the Word

Even when we read the Bible in our native tongue, another translation (of sorts) occurs.

World Radio Day puts focus on Adventist World Radio

No walls. No borders. No limits.

Valentine's Day Nightmare

There's absolutely nothing we can do to make God, our heavenly Parent, stop loving us.

Christmas X-Rays Show I'm a Dead Man

Zimbabwean student should have died in a tragedy before Christmas.

Does God Have an App to Read Our Face?

The God who can read our face invites us to contemplate His.

The Grapefruit and the Self-Referential Paradox

An Unexpected Answer

An incredible story proves once more that ‘God’s ways are not our ways.’

A Hermeneutic of Suspicion

Look at how literally and precisely Old Testament texts are interpreted and applied in the New Testament.

Remittances and the Gospel of Compassion

What sacrifices are we willing to make on behalf of our family of faith?

GYC Convention Emphasizes Practical Outreach

Attendee shares her experience at the recent GYC 2017 event

Cliff's Edge-A Slapdash of Sensation

What impressions, what slapdash of sensation, do we leave on others?

The Kingdom of Ten Villages

God continues to use Adventist radio ministry to bring people to Him.

Teetering on the Edge

A church leader reflects on the connection between prophecy and the new year.

New Year’s Message from the Office of the President

A Change of Plans

What do you do when nothing turns out as you had planned it?

The Atheist Who Dreamed of a Lamb

Growing up in a “typical” household in China, he had no interest in Christianity.

Who Shall Live and Who Shall Die

What driverless cars taught me about the Baby of Bethlehem.

“There Is Nowhere Else I Would Rather Be”

Mission trips volunteer, on how she makes sacrifices and lives by faith to serve others.

When Light and Hope Are Born

In the midst of our woes, God gave us a Baby that changed our existence for ever.

Cliff's Edge-The Incredible Prophetic Feats of the “Maccabean” Daniel

One doesn’t need to recite the sad litany of wars in the past century to see the amazing predictive feat of this Maccabean Daniel.

Searching the Obvious-Life Detours

“I feel like our guardian angels were working together,” says Elise.

Saving Lives and Limbs in the South Pacific

Type 2 diabetes is approaching pandemic proportions across the region.

Cliff's Edge-Truth, Absolute Truth

The issue isn’t who’s saved, who’s lost; that’s God’s prerogative.

Family on a Mission

An Adventist family explains why they chose to serve in rural Chad.

Leave Her Alone

What Jesus has to say to both abusers and victims of sexual harassment.

Cliff's Edge-Every Seventh Sunset

Who, and with what machinations, can void the seventh-day Sabbath?

Church Division President Baptizes Own Father

As he emerged from the water, the 76-year-old hugged his son for the first time.

Where Are They?

There’s no sugar-coating it: church life can hurt.

A Reformation Event Reminds Us That Jesus Is Coming Soon

Although we do not want to be perceived as alarmists, it is obvious that we are living in the last days of Earth’s history.  

Cliff's Edge – Nietzsche and the Cross

We talk about the sum total of human suffering. But human suffering isn’t totaled.

95 THESES For the Continuing Reformation

Light Bearers co-director offers a personal perspective on guiding principles for the future

Baptized at First Sight

He walked into an Adventist church as a first-time visitor; he left as a member.

We’re All Targets

We have to be alert to signs of emotional distress or distance in people in our spheres of influence.

Good Adventist People

What we do to serve is as important as why we do it.

​On Jesus’ Side

Spirit of True Reformation

With the coals from heaven’s altar, Light the altar of our heart.

Refuting the Creation Myth

Women of the Reformation

Remembering the women who made a historical impact.

Celebrating 500 Years of the Reformation

Why Christians should pause to remember and rejoice this special anniversary.

The Reformation and Oppression, Corruption, or Abuse of Power

Both Luther and Jesus were victims of injustice

Lighting Candles or Cursing the Darkness?

As Christians we have a responsibility to do what Jesus did.

Seasons and the Time of our Lives through Poetry and Prose

“This is our season, now is the time to pass on lessons learned”

From Detention to Prevention

Adventist university alumnus works to give incarcerated people a second chance.

Making Sense of Papal Infallibility

Wise Up – Wake Up Call

Do we hear the bell ringing? And what will be our response?

Wise Up! – Rough Weather Ahead

Transformation Tips – Protect Truth, Galatia Style

A Career of Note

World-renowned conductor draws from his Adventist upbringing.

Cliff’s Edge – On The Bible Stories We Don’t Like

Cliff’s Edge - Do Angels Cast Shadows?

Of Galleries and Churches

Between the Commandments and the Sanctuary

Where No Missionaries’ Feet Have Trod

In the South Pacific, Wallis and Futuna are still a frontier for Adventist mission

Hills and Valleys at 20/20

Cliff’s Edge - The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics in the Natural Sciences

Cliff’s Edge –– Ellen and the Exoplanets

Hero or Saint?

Cliff’s Edge –– Our Beautiful Doctrine of Eternal Death

Between the Altar and the Door

In church, as in marriage, sometimes it seems so easy to quit…

Of Course They Are Lying, But I Don’t Care

Of Post-truth, Prophecy, and Postmodernism

A Floppy Disk, Anyone? God’s faithfulness gives Christians the edge.

Cliff’s Edge – The Truth of the Universe

Watch the Hands

Cartography of Faith

All Is Well

Disciples Making Disciples – Multiplication

Is it really possible?

The God of Surprises

We don’t have visit the future alone

Disciples Making Disciples – Harvest Joy

We plant so we can harvest

All for God’s Glory

"As Christians, our ultimate purpose on earth is to bring glory to God. "

The Sabbath in Context—Portraits of a Sabbath Attitude

Disciples Making Disciples – All by Itself

With some cultivating care

Christmas in My Heart—and Beyond

An inside look at culture, story, and God with Joe Wheeler

I Delight to Do Your Will

Disciples Making Disciples – Sowing

Methods and numbers

Born to Be Wild

Seeing the Sparrow Fall

Trying to understand God’s direction in the journey of life

Disciples Making Disciples – Multiplying Disciple-Makers

Jesus’ vision and strategy

Someone Else’s Child

A unique look at Joseph

God’s Favor

Capturing the beauty of Christmas in two words—God’s favor

An Adventist Christmas

Disciples Making Disciples

Multiply the Harvest – Five steps to success

A Holiday Wake-Up Call

The Darker Side of the Manger

Favorite Wholesome Recipes for the Holidays

The Wrong Side of the Tracks

Where the joys and challenges of the incarnation are more than theoretical

He Isn’t Even Mine

The Leaky Bucket: Examining Church Dropouts

What is being done to reclaim the dropouts from our Church?

Make America Rake Again?

Is the secret to making America and the character of its men and women great...beneath us?

Never Enough?

Nine Days After

An outsider’s look at some Adventist implications of the last U.S. presidential election.

Eight Days After

An outsider’s look at some Adventist implications of the last U.S. presidential election.

Young Adventists In A World Of War

Desmond Doss and Norman Doss: ‘Brothers’ in Arms

Forever and Ever

Air conditioner fire eyed as cause in Adventist World Radio Myanmar studio blaze

Worker seriously burned as facility is damaged; work to continue at remote office

Tennessean newspaper examines Desmond Doss' faith in feature article

USA Today picks up report on Seventh-day Adventist churches in Nashville area, quotes NAD spokesman

Real Family Talk – A Question of Submission

Citizenship Test

Little-known Adventist hero subject of proposed short film

Educator Erwin Cossentine stood against U.S. internment of Japanese during Second World War

Loma Linda University Health’s CEO Hart recognized as top leader by hospital magazine

Physician, LLU alum, says recognition highlights organization’s global role

Endangered Adventism?

Hermeneutics and Slavery

In Peru, Seventh-day Adventists Celebrate Decades of Health Work

Ten-year Global Health Initiatives partnership, Stahl clinic's 90th anniversary noted

Cliff’s Edge – Why is Water Wet?

ADRA’s response to Hurricane Matthew

“Just Start Pedaling”

Insights into our end-time church while riding across the United States

Building Bridges of Hope, Faith, and Love

Coming or Going?

Annual Council Features Evangelism Emphasis

World church headquarters becomes a portal to an Adventist world of member-involved evangelism.

The Bible as Foundation to Education: Ellen G. White's Philosophy

A helpful selection from Ellen G. White’s many published works about the significance of the Bible as the foundation for each discipline of education.

Encounter: Helping Students Know God

A new curriculum brings spiritual transformation to both students and teachers

Can the Red Dragon Save Us?

Understanding Worldviews: How Our Presuppositions Shape the Education of Adventist Youth

WATCH HERE: Lake Union to Stream ‘Journey to Healing and Understanding’ on Oct. 1

Event begins at 3 p.m. Eastern Time; to be presented live via Internet

Adventist painter Harry Anderson lauded in LDS Church exhibit

Salt Lake City exhibit honors Seventh-day Adventist whose paintings are beloved by members of another faith community.

'Journey Interrupted' film documents struggles, victories of Christians with same-sex attraction

There is a way through the struggle, film's participants say, and it involves a total reliance on God's power.

She Asked God for More Work

" >Photo Gallery

Cliff’s Edge - Enchanted at Cambridge

Am I Afraid to be Real?

Searching the Obvious — Why I Search

Teach Them to Your Children

Making sure a Christian education stays that way

109-Year-Old Sunday School to Become Adventist Health Center in Scotland

The Scottish government earmarks a $139,000 grant toward renovation costs.

Transformation Tips

Plant protiens lower mortality: study

Major independent study supports traditional Adventist counsel on diet.

The True Value of a Soul

Straight from the pen of Ellen G. White.

Searching the Obvious – Enter Destination

Seventh-day Platonist

An Ark Rises in Kentucky

Life-size Ark Encounter exhibit aims to boost creation understanding, sponsor says

Seeds of Service

A group of South Asian young people and the legacy of mission service

Red, White — and You

The liberties and freedoms of United States citizens are currently under attack

No Rational Grounds?

Once there, at faith, we have more than enough “rational grounds” to justify belief, whatever inevitable questions remain.

Graduation Blues

What do you hear when you listen to the latest round of graduation speeches?

​Will the Real Church Please Stand Up?

Nowhere in Scripture does the word “church” refer to a program or event, or the building in which those programs and events occur.

Galileo’s Heresies

The dangers of incorporating the whims of science into religion.

Transformation Tips - Winning the War with Words

Close Churches

A crisis is sweeping my state, killing young and old. How can we claim to minister in Christ's name and ignore this?

Why Try to Believe?

Living by faith in a world that is increasingly faithless

In a World of Increasing Conflict, Shall We Continue as Usual?

"Current global issues could easily coalesce into a world catastrophe," the president of Loma Linda University writes.

"Be Ready for Such an Hour"

How close are we to the end? It depends on how you frame the question, Pastor Marquis Johns says.

Adventism's Massive, Unrealized Potential

Evangelist Ty Gibson of Light Bearers believes Seventh-day Adventists have an opportunity to promote righteousness by faith and reach the world.

Church Planting Boom

As American Christianity faces a diminishing presence in society, Adventist church planters are determined to reverse the trend.

When You See All These Things

Longtime prophecy proponent G. Edward Reid says we must focus our attention on the signs of Christ's Second Coming.

Sorry, Prince is not in “a better place.” Certainly not yet.

Letting God's word speak in a moment of loss.

Heaven Can No Longer Wait

Veteran attorney Lewis R. Walton argues a "living demonstration that the gospel works" will hasten Jesus' return.

Where Are We Now?

A look at current events and Seventh-day Adventist eschatology from four experts with unique perspectives.

Searching the Obvious

Cliff's Edge – No Flood Model

Church Leadership Meetings Open With Evangelism Focus

A concentration on evangelism and mission highlighted the start of the Adventist Church's 2016 Spring Meeting on April 12.

​Mission to Cities Goals, Prayer Needs Outlined by World Division Leaders at Spring Meeting Session

Church divisions seek to reach the world's largest cities.

Adventist Educator Luis Schulz Honored for Decades of Denominational Achievement

Longtime educator receives top honor from General Conference Education Department. Susana Schulz, his wife and an educator and editor, was also honored for 40 years of education-related service.

Hang In There

Does God Give Preferential Treatment to Believers?

The sun and rain bless everyone don't they?

Florida Church Vandalized

“I don't understand why someone would do it,” the pastor says

Voices: Dwight K. Nelson

Voices: Doug Batchelor

Q-and-A: On Ethics

Cliff's Edge

Ben Carson, Surgeon and Seventh-day Adventist, Quits U.S. Presidential Race

Was first Adventist to run for President of the United States.

U.S. Adventists Lean More Democrat Than Republican, Survey Finds

Adventists are 10 percent more Democrat, Pew says

Meet Harlan Block, the Seventh-day Adventist Who Helped Raise the U.S. Flag on Iwo Jima

His place in history is secure, but his roots are less well-known

Yeezus & Jesus

Kanye and Paul in search of the King and His throne

Love Story

Every story is different; every story is the same.

​Stubble for the Lake of Fire

Cliff's Edge

​The Health of Black America: What Seventh-day Adventists Can Do

How Will Western Adventists Respond to the Refugee Crisis?

​Refugees: The Strangers Among Us

Lucifer is Coming

Does Hollywood understand the last great scenes in the drama better than many Christians?

Your Sons and Your Daughters Will

The age old promise of the outpouring of God’s Spirit is alive and well

The Song of Mary

Transformation Tips

Introducing the Why

Thinking Biblically About Business Ethics

​Courage to Set the Table

​Adventists Without Borders

Prayer, Prophecy, and Paris

The Disciple’s Top Ten

The Anthem of Adventism

This moment could be Adventism’s “breakthrough” moment—if we are prepared to seize the opportunity.

Christ’s Metric Alone

Hit to VW Stock Price Linked with Cheating

Do Adventists Have a Beef With Pope Francis?

Lessons From Ashley Madison

News commentary: Imagine finding Christ's name in the Ashley Madison data dump.

Putting Bots in the Bleachers

What Trump and the Pope Reveal About U.S. Politics

News commentary: The two leaders have a surprising religious influence over the 2016 presidential race.

A Conspiracy in North America

Commentary: Twenty-two ways to make your church relevant in your community.

God and [Adventist] History

Is your history God's history?

Haystack-Lovers Fall Short of Clinching World Record for Largest Potluck

​A Candid, Pastoral Heart

Interview with NAD President Dan Jackson

7 Things You Don’t Want to Miss at GC Session

Thousands of Pastors Leave Austin Reignited for Service

CALLED conference wraps up with a call to let God lead.

Building, Exercising, and Drawing for Jesus

Pastors share three innovative ways to evangelize at the CALLED Convention.

From Fishbowls to Shark Tanks

Pastors find something for every taste at the CALLED convention.

5,500 Pastors and Their Families Descend on Austin

The North American Division hosts a four-day CALLED conference.

Praising God for Prophecy

One Adventist's Response to the Recent Papal Encyclical

Looking Back: Ted Wilson on the Last Five Years

Adventist Leaders Visit Site of Deadly Tsunami in Japan

We observed ADRA’s post-earthquake efforts and considered what role the church can play through disaster relief.

Between the Lines

Reaching Buddhists in Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam

God Has Your Phone Number

A Cracked Mirror for Mom — and for God

The first Mother’s Day present I bought my mother was a Hello Kitty pocket mirror.

San Antonio and Beyond

What heaven really values.

Escape From Saigon

An excerpt from Ralph S. Watts’ book recounting the Adventist experience in the final days of the Vietnam War.

The Cost of Discipleship

Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the church’s prophetic voice

Angelina Jolie’s Cancer and Jesus Christ’s Calvary

A Lesson in Fatherhood From Tiger Woods

News commentary: The golf giant’s disqualification from a contest unravels the mystery of a father’s love.

Why Adventist Church Isn't Taking Side on Same-Sex Marriage Case

Religious Liberty vs. Erotic Liberty

Religious Liberty is Losing

‘Tabatha 2.0’

Transcript of the sermon that Ingo Sorke preached at Tabatha Azua’s baptism at Southwestern Adventist University.

Shall We Listen to Him?

Lessons from the Night the Stars Fell 181 Years Ago

Adventist Scholars Commemorate Gerhard F. Hasel

Leading Evangelicals join in acknowledging the impact of Hasel’s teaching and writing

Mars Hill Breakup: A Warning to Megastar Pastors

Why So Many Churches Hear So Little of the Bible

​Many Church Choirs are Dying. Here’s Why

Deliverance From Dystopia

A web-exclusive commentary

The Adventist Church and the Hobby Lobby Decision

​Why is God so Misunderstood?

A Voice to Reach the World

Adventist Review editor Bill Knott interviews Shawn and Jean Boonstra.

Reflections on the TOSC Deliberations

May We Introduce: Michael Belina Czechowski

Prosperity Gospel: Deceptions and Dangers

The Steps Not Taken

Last Word: “Strength to Love”

Dr. Ella Simmons’ final thoughts about the historic Cape Town Summit

​A Sign for All Seasons

United in Prayer

​Springtime in the Soul

​Tagged and Tainted

Watching Your Language

"Downton Abbey" and the Modern Age

What are we really watching?

My Take on GYC

A pastoral reflection

Racism and Health in North America

An Urgent Prophetic Calling

A message from the General Conference president

A Story of Reconciliation at the Hospital Named for Ellen White

The Jews of Adventism

Growing in number, ancient and modern sabbatarian faiths connect.

Infidelity In Disguise

Making the plain obscure

“Tell ‘Em About the Dream”

50 Years after the March on Washington

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