Bill Knott

is the editor and executive publisher of Adventist Review.


A weekly GraceNote from Adventist Review editor Bill Knott

Grace That is Greater

What Jesus has forgotten, we have a right to forget.

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Our Chains Are Gone

When we are freed by grace, we are unchained from memory and fear: we relish every liberation tale.

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Loved In the Balances

To be completely known, but unloved, is the awful stuff our fears are made of.

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​Sing Resurrection

Grace won when Jesus rose. Grace wins as Jesus rises far above all principalities and powers—undefeated—undefeatable—finally victorious.

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​Grace at Week’s End

For those whose pride is built on effort, grace is the wounder of our pride. Grace tells us that our six days’ labor—sweat and care, commanded by the Lord—can never give us life eternal. At the end of all our labors, grace is the healer of our week. Grace tells us that…

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Future Grace

When we fear tomorrow or next year, it is plain testimony that we aren't fully sold on His sufficiency.

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Grace Taught and Caught

Grace is Christ’s never-ending lesson plan delivered through the love of those who are themselves still students, and still sit at His feet.

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Abundant and Unending

Come celebrate grace inexhaustible: it never gives out; it never runs dry.

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​The Gift of Joyful Life

We either live in grace, or we begin, by small degrees, to die.

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Like Breathing In

Grace teaches us to tell more truth about ourselves, lay down more pride, and quit the endless hide-and-seek that bars our fellowship with other broken souls.

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​Growing Toward Joy

When we grasp how securely Jesus holds us, how we are encircled by friends and loved ones whom He has appointed, we are freed from our habitual narrowness and fear.

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Grace Bows to Serve

Grace is Jesus kneeling at the feet of Judas, washing away the stains that could be seen, and willing to the last to wash away what only He could see.

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By Grace Through Faith

​Just as it once took faith to believe we were as lost as God's Word said we were, so it requires faith to believe we have been forgiven as completely as that Word now says we are.

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What Grace Transforms

As we admit our brokenness, we stand among the broken.

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Chosen By Grace

Jesus forms the remnant through His blood and through His call—and those who cherish His grace “follow the Lamb wherever he goes” (Rev 14:4). Stay in grace.

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Forgetting What Lies Behind

Only grace allows us, through the sacrifice of Jesus, to forget what lies behind and press forward to what lies ahead.

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The Promises of Grace

Though it has been around for ages, grace never grows old to us.

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The Power of Grace

Grace rules. Grace plans. Grace has the final word.

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