Bill Knott

is the editor and executive publisher of Adventist Review.


A weekly GraceNote from Adventist Review editor Bill Knott

The Triumph of the Good

“The heart set free to follow Christ has allied with the winner in this final fight.”

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Chorusing Grace

"The grace of Jesus is the great shared chorus of our faith"

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A Story About Jesus

“Only Jesus is amazing: only grace is worth the song.”

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The Habits of Grace

“Join Jesus as He crosses all that divides us from each other.”

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The Contrariness of Grace

“We will know the deep soul-satisfaction of re-gifting what we didn’t deserve”

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Forgiving Because Forgiven

“The act of forgiving teaches us how fully we have been forgiven.”

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Practicing Grace

“The love that saves us also changes us—praise God!”

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The Community of Grace

“We grow in grace by growing with and toward each other.”

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Healed and Restored

“Grace has a goal—to so completely mend our lives that we ‘have life, and have it to the full’” (John 10:10).

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Grace for the Empty-Handed

“Only empty hands can grasp the fullness of His grace.”

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What Doesn’t Change

 “The Saviour binds Himself by promises—forever and for all:  ‘I will never refuse anyone who comes to Me’” (John 6:37).

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Following Grace

“We grow in grace by turning toward the Son”

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Choose Grace

“Align your will this day with Him who has the will and power to save you for all time.”

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Repeat After Me

"Each life deserves the mercy given me, and Christ empowers me to be the one to share it."

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Summer Grace

“Only He who rules the waves can bring us—at the last—to anchor in the harbor of forgiveness and forever.”

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Daily Grace

“Grace offered to our wounded world is evidence that we ourselves are being healed.”

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Heroic Faith

“No force in God’s wide universe can match the power of one soul saved by grace and happy in the Lord.”

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The Church’s One Foundation

“Each doctrine finds its truth in grace: the kindness of our Lord is core to all that’s worth believing.”

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The Price of Glory

“The cost of grace is knowing that we came from dust and will forever sleep in it if we refuse God’s gift.”

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The One and Only

“In Jesus on His cross we meet God’s best and only offer: there is no B, C, D, or E.”

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