Bill Knott

is the editor and executive publisher of Adventist Review.


A weekly GraceNote from Adventist Review editor Bill Knott

In Light of Grace

“The day that dawns is meant to be abundant and eternal—the endless morning of the Son.”

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No Argument With Grace

“When we give ourselves to grace, let ‘yes’ be truly ‘yes’—no ‘but,’ no ‘yet,’ no moderating ‘maybe.’”

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The Numbers of Grace

“The indispensable integer of grace is 3—first given; then shared; then finally—abundantly—lived.”

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The Long Unfolding Story

“It will take millennia—at least—to help us comprehend the length and breadth and height and depth of grace beyond degree.”

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The Grip of Grace

“Thank goodness—no, thank Jesus—that His love still rescues sinners”

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Walking in Grace

“We grow in grace when we go walking with Christ’s friends”

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Mirror in the Heart

“So our daily prayer is always, ‘Make me more and more like Jesus.’”

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Grace and Solidarity

“What is this pledge we make to each other as members of Christ's body? Certainly not a vow of good behavior--or pure doctrine, or continuous devotion or unwearied witness. At the heart, we are promising that no one who believes in Christ will ever be left alone--in joy or grief, in success or…

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Grace and Imitation

“The grace of Christ is always multiplying--first for us, then through us.”

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Following Grace

“Grace and change are footprints visible on each disciple's path, but always in that order.”

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Counternarrative of Grace

“There is more life to write—more hope, more joy, more resurrection—all His, and thus, all ours.”

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Learning How to be Helpless

“Grace contradicts the habits time has taught us.”

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Grace Agrees

“This is the day to forgo all forgiven sins, and so begin the life of joy.”

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Tangible Grace

“Be grateful for the kindly souls who stay with you because they stay in grace.”

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Freely Chosen

“Today, I choose to sing the song, and yes: it really is amazing.”

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Life-Giving Grace

“If we will give Christ time, then He will give us joy.”

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When Morning Gilds the Skies

“The light of grace is usually a dawn, not a lightning strike.”

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Collateral Grace

“Here’s to the tenacious believers who will not let us go because the Lord has not let them go.”

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When Our Hearts Condemn Us

“As we learn grace, we learn to agree with God.”

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The Facts of Grace

“God chooses to forget our sins because He also chooses to remember—as only a Father can—the sacrifice of His Son in our place.”

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