Bill Knott

is the editor and executive publisher of Adventist Review.


A weekly GraceNote from Adventist Review editor Bill Knott

Tangible Grace

“Be grateful for the kindly souls who stay with you because they stay in grace.”

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Freely Chosen

“Today, I choose to sing the song, and yes: it really is amazing.”

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Life-Giving Grace

“If we will give Christ time, then He will give us joy.”

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When Morning Gilds the Skies

“The light of grace is usually a dawn, not a lightning strike.”

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Collateral Grace

“Here’s to the tenacious believers who will not let us go because the Lord has not let them go.”

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When Our Hearts Condemn Us

“As we learn grace, we learn to agree with God.”

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The Facts of Grace

“God chooses to forget our sins because He also chooses to remember—as only a Father can—the sacrifice of His Son in our place.”

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At Home With Grace

“We are either saved by grace, or not at all.”

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Forgive. Forget. Repeat.

“The grace we give will never match the grace we’re given.”

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With Empty Hands

“Embrace the fullness of the cross.”

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The Rain of Grace

“This is a day for standing in the rain.”

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Trusting Grace

“Through grace, we learn to hope again. We trust what Christ alone accomplishes for us—redemption, wholeness and eternity.”

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New Year’s Grace

“Grace heals the past, and offers us a new year rich with love and joy.”

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Forever Grace

“When we sing of Grace come down, we never--ever--sing alone.”

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The Grace That Heals

“As we have been forgiven, so we extend the gift of grace.”

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In Grace We Hope

“When you have grace, you have it all.”

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Full and Free

“In grace, we live the fullest, freest lives imaginable”

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The Long Calendar of Grace

“Grace can wait for love to grow”

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The Reason We Sing

“His we are, so hymn we sing.”

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Good News Community

“Help us to live together as people who have been forgiven a great debt”—Peter Marshall.

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