Bill Knott

is the editor and executive publisher of Adventist Review.


A weekly GraceNote from Adventist Review editor Bill Knott

Grace and Reformation

“Christ breaks our chains so that we really leave our cells for new and liberated lives.”

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The Brush of Wings

“Regain your hope: your life is full of angels”

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A Word of Joy

“In Christ, deep gratitude will win this day”

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Grace Like an Ocean

“In the ocean wave of grace, all willing sinners are washed clean.”

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Going Home Justified

“The praise that binds our lives to God starts with a desperate self-assessment: ‘Lord be merciful to me, a sinner.’”

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Grace and Safety

“The hymn we sing is still amazing: we were lost, but now we’re found.”

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Life Beyond Fear

“Grace lets us even now breathe in the atmosphere of where we’ll spend eternity.”

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Divine Forgetfulness

“‘What sins?’ He asks on that great day, and it will be an honest question. ‘None, Lord,’ grace teaches us to say.”

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Seasoned With Grace

“Grace wins the day—this day, and every day to come.”

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Liberating Grace

“The captives Jesus liberates will celebrate like children—loved sons and daughters of a freedom-loving Father.”

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Gracefully Patient

“God’s work in every human heart is measured by the calendar He knows.”

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The Choir of Grace

“Anthems rise—first one, then ten, and then 100 million— because saved sinners can't be silent.”

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Fully Know and Fully Loved

“The hands we scarred are still the hands most eager to embrace us.”

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Where Forgiveness Flourishes

“Only in the field of grace can reconciliation blossom.”

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The Purpose of Grace

“We are either saved by grace through faith, or we remain just as we were—unreconciled, unready, and unhappy.”

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Deeper than Crimson

"Christ blotted out our crimson sins with His own blood, deeper red on red"

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In Light of Grace

“The day that dawns is meant to be abundant and eternal—the endless morning of the Son.”

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No Argument With Grace

“When we give ourselves to grace, let ‘yes’ be truly ‘yes’—no ‘but,’ no ‘yet,’ no moderating ‘maybe.’”

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The Numbers of Grace

“The indispensable integer of grace is 3—first given; then shared; then finally—abundantly—lived.”

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The Long Unfolding Story

“It will take millennia—at least—to help us comprehend the length and breadth and height and depth of grace beyond degree.”

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