Bill Knott

is the editor and executive publisher of Adventist Review.

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What Doesn’t Change

“When we say that grace is God's response to all our brokenness and sin, we speak God's truth, but often leave the wrong impression. Frightened sinners could assume that grace is just God's case-by-case decision about our willfulness, instead of His unchanging, unrelenting attitude toward us. The Saviour binds Himself by promises—forever and for all: ‘I will never refuse anyone who comes to Me’ (John 6:37, Phillips). The Father's willingness to pardon us—Christ's eagerness to be our Substitute—does not depend on any excess of divine pity or the piteousness of our pleading. ‘Gracious’ is as fully who Christ is as ‘just,’ ‘unchanging’ and ‘forever.’ Exhale in grace—and stay there.”
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