Bill Knott

is the editor and executive publisher of Adventist Review.

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The Purpose of Grace

“Grace ultimately reframes all truth we know and all we call ‘theology.’ When grace reveals God’s heart of love, we learn that Jesus is its ultimate expression, ‘for in Him all the fullness of God was pleased to dwell’ (Col 1:19). Lest we perceive the thundering God of Sinai softened or appeased by the kindly Saviour of Calvary, Jesus taught us, ‘Whoever has seen me has seen the Father.’ and of the Spirit, ‘He will testify on My behalf.’ Father, Son and Holy Spirit share one unrelenting and eternal purpose—to rescue us from ourselves, and reconcile us to the Love that will not let us go. We are either saved by grace through faith, or we remain just as we were—unreconciled, unready, and unhappy.”

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