Bill Knott

is the editor and executive publisher of Adventist Review.

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Journeying With Jesus

“Grace suffers from analogies we use to sketch its awesome power. It is infinitely, divinely better than a soft-hearted officer forgiving a speeding ticket or a teacher giving a better grade than we deserved. These are, at best, legal(?) abstractions that make us feel temporarily relieved. But grace is first and last and always the friendship of our Saviour—offering not only His once-for-all forgiveness of our past, but a now-and-always companionship on the disciple way. Grace is Jesus walking through our Galilees and Jerichos, our Canas and Gethsemanes, for we are saved by Jesus so that we may be with Jesus. Grace isn’t satisfied when court documents are corrected, but only when the broken friendships are fully, finally restored. So stay in grace.”

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