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Geneva Dispatch

Updates from the Global Conference on Health and Lifestyle

Adventist Leader Ted Wilson Makes Case for Vegetarianism

Wilson wraps up a weeklong health conference in Geneva with an appeal for attendees to resolutely practice what they teach.

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Adventist Church Launches Breathe-Free 2, a New Stop-Smoking Program

Program creator Daniel Handysides says the key to helping smokers quit is personal relationships.

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6.5 Notable Facts From the Geneva Health Conference

From a flurry of scientific data, we’ve chosen a few facts that we heard for the first time this week.

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Adventist Vice President Impresses Health Conference With 50 Push-Ups

Delbert Baker joins Barack Obama’s former physician and other speakers in urging attendees to “walk the talk” after Geneva.

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For Want of a T-Bone Steak the Biosphere Was Lost

News commentary: The smallest of actions, like choosing meat over a vegetarian diet, could change our environment forever.

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Pan-American Health Organization Urges Adventists to Share Health Expertise

The appeal is made at the opening of the Global Conference on Health and Lifestyle attended by 1,150 in Geneva.

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1,150 Adventists Descend on Geneva for Major Health Conference

Organizers hope the event paves the way for the opening of community health centers in every Adventist church.

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