Favorite Wholesome Recipes for the Holidays

Whether planning Christmas dinner, or everyday meals for your family to enjoy during the holidays, finding quick, wholesome recipes can be a challenge. So we’ve rounded up some favorites for you to try. In fact, you can see just how it’s done as you follow along with these recipe videos from ARtv.

Creamy Corn Soup

A true comfort food on a cold winter’s night, this quick soup is the perfect thing to gather the family around on a non-holiday night. It takes advantage of the creaminess of cashews for a silky soup, without the milk. This video comes from ARtv’s own series, ARtv Cooking, which includes dozen recipes, with more to come.

Coconut pudding

Cold pudding usually screams summer, but just picture this creamy white putting topped with peaks of shredded coconut that resemble snow. The rich flavor of the coconut milk makes this a satisfying non-dairy treat. Garnish with a cinnamon stick, mint leaves or crushed peppermint sticks to give a festive flair to this recipe from ARtv Cooking.

Garlicky Potato & White Bean Mash

What is a potato & white bean mash? Only the best alternative to buttery mashed potatoes that your family has ever tasted! Adding the beans insures these dairy-free potatoes don’t turn out dry, and also doubles the amount of protein, compared to regular mashed potatoes. You can even try mixing up the flavors – and colors – by adding more steamed and mashed vegetables, like carrots and parsnips. This recipe is available right now on ARTV, but it’s just a taste of the full Plant to Plate video recipe series from the Life and Health Network, which will be released in January 2017.

Raw German Chocolate Cheesecake

If you seek the perfect desert that avoids dairy or gluten, look no further. This recipe couldn’t be easier, and it can all be made using just a high-speed blender. There are no complex ingredients here, but it’s fascinating to see how the ingredients transform into something that tastes so similar to German chocolate cheesecake. Top with crushed candy cane pieces or red fruit and a mint leaf to celebrate the season. This video, linked below, can be found on ARtv right now, and is also part of the Pant to Plate cooking series.

French Toast

We couldn’t forget about breakfast, especially when quick and wholesome breakfasts are needed this time of year. The oatmeal and whole wheat bread in this recipe from ARtv Cooking insure that your family will be full for awhile. No need for summer berries, as you can top with peanut butter, bananas or cooked-down apples, which are still available this time of year.

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