In the Middle East, Steps to Christ Is Now Available in Six Languages

Christian life classic is now in Arabic, Farsi, Turkish, Kurdish, English and French.

The book Steps to Christ, a classic work written 125 ago by Adventist Church’s co-founder Ellen G. White, is now available in the six most common languages spoken in the Middle East and North Africa Union (MENA) church region. MENA is a territory encompassing Lebanon and 19 other countries from Morocco to Iran to Turkey to Sudan, and a combined population of approximately 500 million.

Although the book has been well-known among Adventists around the world for decades, it is still a relatively new book to some Adventists in the region.

“Many of our members have never read this classic before,” MENA literature ministries coordinator Michael Eckert. “We want our members to read this book and experience its power.”

Rick McEdward, current president of the church’s regional headquarters in Beirut, Lebanon, is one of many people who have been inspired by the book.

“I first read Steps to Christ when I was 17,” said McEdward. “Each page held a new insight for deepening my walk with Jesus.”

McEdward’s personal experience convinced him about embarking on a Steps to Christ translation and distribution project for in the region. He believes that if every member in MENA reads the book and follows its principles, every person will find it easier to develop a deeper connection with God.

On Nov. 20, MENA executive committee members and staff celebrated the presentation of Steps to Christ as the special book for the 2018 spiritual revival initiative in the MENA territory.

During the event, a special prayer of dedication was offered by executive secretary of the Adventist world church G.T. Ng, who asked for God to bless the book and the members who will read its pages.

Beginning on Jan. 8, 2018, Adventist members across the union territory will connect over the same book in six different languages—Arabic, Farsi, Turkish, Kurdish, English, and French. Most church members in MENA will be able to read Steps to Christ in their mother tongue.

The plan is for church members to read a chapter a day and share the book with others. Each member will receive a special study guide as a companion to their reading plan.

World church vice-president Billy Biaggi said he supports the plan wholeheartedly.

“Who is that person we love and we want to meet in heaven?” he asked. “Let’s approach them with a meaningful book that will help change lives!”

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