INFORMATION LEADER: The General Conference's new chief information officer, Nancy Lamoreaux. Photo credit: Brandan Roberts

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Nancy Lamoreaux Named Adventist Church’s First CIO

She will protect online security and oversee a global technology strategy.



he Seventh-day Adventist Church has appointed the first chief information officer to its world headquarters.

Nancy Lamoreaux, director of Information Technology Services for the church’s North American Division, will protect online security and oversee a global technology strategy among regional church entities and institutions.

“She comes with a wealth of experience and qualifications, and I’m confident she’ll do an excellent job,” said world church treasurer Robert E. Lemon, who supervises the position.

Lemon said Lamoreaux was chosen after a committee spent several months reviewing 20 candidates from around the world.

Lamoreaux (pronounced LAM-o-row) has served as ITS director in North America since 1998 and previously served for 13 years as director of Management Information Services for the church’s Maryland-based Columbia Union Conference. She holds a bachelor’s degree in information systems, a master’s degree in organizational management, and an executive certificate in leadership and management. She is also a certified Netware engineer, Netware administrator and IBM LAN server engineer.

Though Lamoreaux will report to the Adventist Church’s treasurer, her CIO post is also an officer position at the world headquarters, Lemon said. The CIO position was created by the church’s Executive Committee last year.

Lamoreaux, who assumed her new post on Sept. 2, said she would coordinate a think tank charged with developing a common technology strategy among the church’s 13 world divisions, attached fields and General Conference institutions. She also said a top priority was to protect online security.

“I’ll review the technology functions being done throughout the General Conference territory and see how they might be improved. As we all know, online security is becoming one of the biggest issues out there,” Lamoreaux said.

Lamoreaux said she came to the position with a strong technical team already in place throughout the world church.

“The church is blessed with a global high caliber of IT people,” she said. “They take their job as seriously as any other church employee, and they are also missionaries. Like many others, they could be making much more financially working outside the church but have a strong desire to serve where the Lord has called.”

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