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Book Marks Next Chapter for The One Project

A new Australian-published book was launched as the first book from The One Project at their annual North American gathering on February 10 in Seattle. For the One: Voices from The One Project was published by Signs Publishing, edited by Nathan Brown, and includes 19 adapted presentations from gatherings during the first three years of The One Project.

“This book allows a much wider community to engage in the conversations we are having at our gatherings,” explains Pastor Japhet De Oliveira, co-chair of The One Project and a church pastor from Boulder, Colorado. “The more people talking about the centrality of Jesus in their lives, the stronger our faith will be.”

Pastor Japhet De Oliveira, co-chair of The One Project.Pastor De Oliveira presented For the One to the 750 gathering participants at the opening session of the Seattle gathering. He says that books have always been important in the life of The One Project, regularly giving out books to gathering participants around the world, so this is a natural progression.

“Reading books together from different experiences helps connect dots we would not imagine possible,” he says. “In reading the manuscripts for this book, there were thoughts and expressions that I missed when I listened, that the written word allows me to engage in again. I also love to underline, mark and react in the space around the text, having deeper conversations with the authors.”

Gatherings of The One Project, which “celebrates the centrality of Jesus in the Seventh-day Adventist Church,” have taken place in the past two years in Australia and gatherings are planned for Sydney (July 19–20), Perth (July 26–27) and Auckland (November 8–9) this year. “Our partnership with the Australian Seventh-day Adventist Church as a whole has been really encouraging,” says Pastor De Oliveira. “I believe the Australian gatherings, support and voices have made a significant contribution to the development of The One Project—and it was simply an honor to work with the church’s publishing house in Australia.”

The leadership of The One Project invited Brown to edit the book, which led to publication by Signs Publishing. “I believe this is an important book and a contribution to one of the best conversations happening in the Adventist church today,” says Brown. “It is great for us to be able to share this as part of The One Project gatherings around the world this year, as well as making it available through our usual distributors.”

Pastor De Oliveira is also proud of the book that has grown out of The One Project. “Even though each of the chapters is unique, the common thread lifts Jesus up so eloquently that it inspires me to learn more about Jesus,” he says.

For the One: Voices from The One Project is available now from Adventist Book Centers. Find more on The One Project at

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