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​UK: At 100, There’s no Worries for Doreen Clement


By the time you turn 100 years old you might think that you’ll only have a few friends left. However, that was not the case for Seventh-day Adventist Doreen Clement. On Sunday 9 March, friends, relatives and well-wishers gathered excitedly at the Livermead Hotel, Torquay, United Kingdom, to celebrate and give thanks for a life well lived.

In the reception room, a table at the left showcased a letter sent and signed by the Queen congratulating Doreen on her milestone. Looking across the crowd one could’ve questioned how this quiet but warm lady of few words could bring so many people together.

The gathering included members of the Adventist Church in Torquay as well as a whole club of ladies from a local Methodist group. Lrumana Schulz from Germany came saying that she was "determined not to miss this occasion even though it was a long and tiring journey." David, a nephew from Minnesota, told a story from his boyhood memory of Clement's well trained dog who was selected for a TV show.

South England Conference Treasurer Earl Ramharacksingh and his secretary, Pauline Peck, drove down from Watford to honor Doreen. Ramharacksingh delivered short remarks and a signed card from several Adventist leaders within in the British Isles: Bertil Wiklander (Trans-European Division), Ian Sweeney (British Union Conference), Sam Davis (South England Conference), Lorance Johnson (North England Conference), and John Surridge, David Neal and Bernie Holford from Wales, Ireland, and the Scottish Mission.

Asked what characterizes her life over the years, Clement responded, I don’t worry. She certainly had no worries as she celebrated surrounded by friends, enjoying afternoon tea, and reliving memories of a remarkable life.

District pastor, Ian Lorek concluded the day with a wonderful prayer wishing Doreen God's watch care for the years to come.

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