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​Peru: 12,000 Adventist Youth Mobilize to Spread Love in Six Cities

The Caleb Project convenes for the fifth consecutive year.

Committed to the mission of conquering the big cities, nearly 12,000 young Adventist volunteers from southern Peru participated in the community and evangelistic project called “Caleb Mission 5.0,” from February 6-15.

This is the fifth consecutive year that the project has been staged. Participants dedicate 10 days of their vacations to compassionate actions such as visiting families and preaching the Word of God.

In 2014, the Adventist Church in southern Peru, Unión Peruana del Sur (UPS), targeted Cuzco city, a city that draws many foreign visitors. The young people performed community projects such as public cleaning in the main streets and avenues, a blood donation campaign “Life to life”, planting more than 12,000 pine trees, painting and repairing public schools.

The youth also provided support groups for clinics and staged a parade to promote good behavior. During the parade more than 125,000 copies of the missionary book La Unica Esperanza (One Hope) were distributed.

Free hugs

On February 14, when many people celebrate Valentine´s Day, participants were in the streets giving hugs to passersby. After a fraternal embrace, volunteers prayed with each person.

Dressed in their distinctive yellow and black colors, the volunteers caught the attention of the local media, which promoted their activities. Many media outlets called the project a “role model.”

Caleb Mission 5.0 was also staged in Ayacucho, Juliaca, Cañete, Tacna, and Pucallpa, where participants were encouraged to organize programs and share the message of hope every night.

The work of the young people made such an impact on the villagers and district that the authorities recognized and congratulated them for the work done in these six cities. "Thank you for the time spent performing the work of social support; I hope other young people are willing to serve as you do," said Edwin Lizarbe, mayor of Yarinacha (Pucallpa).

1,800 Baptisms

During the closing program, Adventist leaders from the General Conference (GC) and South America Division (SAD) announced that more than 1,800 had accepted Christ through baptism. "These days were not easy, but the satisfaction that you feel cannot be described in words," said a spokesman for the volunteers.

Among the guests of honor were Armando Miranda, a GC vice president, Arelí Barboza, SAD Youth Ministries director, and Polycarp Ccorimanya, district mayor of San Jerónimo (Cusco), who supported the project and welcomed the dedication of these days to the service of God and society.

Caleb Mission 6.0 will convene in Huancayo in 2015.

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