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Adventist Church Overhauls U.S. Publishing Operations

With Goal of Repositioning Its Media, Adventist Church Overhauls North American Publishing Operations

Constituency meetings of Review and Herald and Pacific Press clear the way for the implementation of the biggest restructuring in Adventist publishing’s 153-year history.

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Highlights of Restructuring Plan

Details of the restructuring plan approved on June 17 by the constituencies of Pacific Press Publishing Association (PPPA) and the Review and Herald Publishing Association (RHPA).

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5 Strengths of Each Publishing House

In recent months, Adventist leaders have weighed the benefits of basing the North American Division’s publishing operations at Pacific Press (PPPA) in Nampa, Idaho, or at Review and Herald (RHPA) in Hagerstown, Maryland.

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How Restructuring Plan Aligns With Ellen White’s Advice

The plan approved on June 17 contains the following explanation on how the restructuring is in line with advice offered by church co-founder Ellen White:

“In large measure the success of the publishing work in the Seventh-day Adventist Church has come from…

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A Real-life Publishing Parable Found in a Broom Factory

GC Treasurer Robert Lemon says the church must be careful not to follow the fate of a broom factory at his former college.

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