Sylvia Renz

works for the German Voice of Prophecy in Alsbach-Hähnlein, Germany. She is an accomplished author and has published numerous books for children and adults.

Dear Father...

A letter marking a changed life

My dear Father,

When you hold this letter in your hands, you will have already greeted my brothers and will have heard that I am still alive. I know it must be hard to believe. You saw my coat, ripped and splattered with blood. You thought I was dead—torn to pieces by a wild animal. But the blood on my coat was not mine. A little lamb died, and I am alive. My heart bursts with joy over the thought of seeing you again. I have longed to see you for many years. I wish you would come to me with the whole family. I have already prepared everything for you: houses, herds, stables, and apartments for the shepherds. Everything is ready, and your new home will be in the best part of the …

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