George T. Javor

is a retired professor of biochemistry and microbiology, Loma Linda University, School of Medicine. His recent publications include A Scientist Celebrates Creation (Ringgold, Ga.: TEACH Services, 2012).

Creation in Focus

There is not a great deal of interest in creation among Adventists,” the Adventist Book Center manager told me. I was stunned. After all, she would know. She sold books to Adventists. She knew what they bought.

Why Buy Creation?

But why would books on creation not sell? Perhaps because, even though we are surrounded by evolutionary thinking in mainline media, academia, and even some religious bodies, Adventists have long ago settled on the veracity of the biblical account of creation. After all, every seventh day we stop our busy lives to worship the Creator on the Sabbath. The very name of our denomination is a …

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