Jill Morikone

is administrative assistant to the president of 3ABN. She and her husband, Greg, live in southern Illinois and enjoy ministering together for Jesus.

Growing Up With Guide

I closed my eyes and began to count. One, two, three. Little stocking feet scampered away as boyish chatter receded.

Four, five, six. The baby cried. I could hear my sister in the other room, as she soothed him. 

Seven, eight, nine. A childish voice broke into my count. “Caweb, here!”

I smiled. Life was never dull at my sister’s house. I’d flown in for a week to help her just after the birth of her fourth son. The little guys ranged in ages from 6 all the way down to 3 days old. Hide-and-seek kept the older three busy for a while, so she could focus on the newest …

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