Sharon Leukert

writes from Jefferson, Texas. A pastor’s wife, she is involved in Women’s Ministries, marriage seminars, and her local Sabbath school class.

Companions Along the Way

No matter how difficult the journey, we don’t travel alone.

Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM) was actually easier to spell than it was to say. I still struggle when it comes to the myelitis part. Even more difficult: trying to understand how this could have happened to our then 8-year-old daughter, and exactly what it would mean for her and for our family.

The truth is, we still don’t have a lot of answers. Through the talented physicians and teams at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, Texas, we have learned that there is so much more to learn about this disease, especially in children. Our little Greta is one of only a handful of children on several continents who have active cases of …

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