Kay Rizzo

has authored more than 50 books along with more than 1,000 articles. She lives with Richard, her husband and business partner, in California’s Central Valley.

Wormy Apple

“Move over! You’re in the speed lane!” My slight case of “road rage” fills my car’s interior. My fingers tap out my irritation on the steering wheel. “The light is green, ignoramus!” I inject at the next intersection. While waiting in line at the grocery store, I shake my head and seethe out my irritation beneath my breath, “This is the 10-items-or-less line! Can’t you count?” My words may be silent, or almost so, more from fear of embarrassment or confrontation than from compassion; and definitely not from any lingering holiness on my part.  My pasted-on, plastic smile may not offend an errant brother or a hapless sister, but the sudden, …

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