Wilona Karimabadi

is an assistant editor at Adventist Review and is editor of KidsView, Adventist Review’s magazine for children.

Strong Backs

I heard a great sermon in church a few weeks ago. A sermon just for me, about having a strong back. You’ve heard about my new life as a sufferer of back issues in this magazine before. At the time, I thought the episode was a “one and done” type of thing. I was wrong. Over the past seven months I have had two more flare-ups, resulting in an MRI that revealed I am now the proud owner of a herniated disc. I am much better, but I hesitate to say back to normal because I have learned and accepted that disc issues are akin to dormant volcanoes. You may feel that all is well for the most part until something (and I wish I knew for sure) happens and the flare-up …

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