Asheley Woodruff

is a licensed counselor, mom, and wife who lives in Nampa, Idaho. She splits her time between her counseling practice in Boise and teaching psychology for the College of Western Idaho. 

Because Bubble Wrap Is Impractical

Positive ways to bullyproof your blind child

Imagine this true-to-life story. Can you relate?

Caleb had been legally blind as far back as he could remember. Born with a genetic disorder affecting his eyes, Caleb had poor depth perception and was unable to focus his vision on specific objects. Even with corrective lenses, his eyesight was 20/70 at best. Despite the visual challenges he faced, Caleb’s parents were determined to help him live as independently as possible.

When Caleb was 5, his parents enrolled him in kindergarten at their local elementary school. Caleb was placed in special education classes where he was guaranteed to receive additional help …

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