Helga Pedzy

is a medical technician who enjoys woodworking, sewing, and writing. She and her husband, Edward, emigrated from Germany to the United States in 1960.

A Day to Remember

We commemorate many days—so why not the day of our baptism?

When I first met Edward, the man who later would become my husband, I was filled with contradictions. I attended church on Sundays, so it was difficult for me to date someone who went to church—and even closed his business—on Saturdays, because he believed it was the day God asks us to keep holy. Edward never discussed the issue with me in detail; he just politely asked me one time to come to church with him. My answer was an emphatic “No.” Being a devout member of a different denomination, I determined that one day he would join my church. The situation changed when I began having doubts about some of my church’s practices and beliefs. I …

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