Oliver L. Jacques

served as a pastor, teacher, missionary, and administrator. He passed away in September 2012.

Eloquent Moments of Silence

When words are inadequate

To Ollie, our 3-year-old grandson, it is the rarest of treasures: an empty perfume bottle. A token of affection from his father to his mother, the exquisitely crafted gift had been designed to please the eye as well as the nose. The perfume is spent. But Ollie, always attracted to beautiful objects, holds the bottle close and admires its form. Fashioned after an elegant Grecian urn, its ruby-red body is adorned with a wreath of shining gold.

Since babyhood Ollie has shown a curious interest in objects belonging to his parents or grandparents. A small box filled with my cuff links and tie clasps is frequently visited, as is his grandmother’s assortment …

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