Ron Reese

is a former school teacher living in Canton, North Carolina, where he works as a nursing assistant and writes in his spare time.

What Are the Chances?

Blessed are the preoccupied.

My daughter, Naomi, has been known to misplace things on occasion—her car keys or wallet, for example. In March 2011 she experienced a scary ride down a winding mountain road. On the way down the mountain it was snowing, and her window kept fogging over. Finally she noticed that her daughters’ school pictures were covering the defrost vent. She got out of the car to remove the envelope. Later, when she stopped at a gas station, she noticed that she couldn’t find her wallet. She called us and asked if we had seen it around our house.

She had been to our place earlier that evening to drop off the girls so that she could work her night shift at the …

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