Tom Shepherd

Tom Shepherd, Ph.D., Dr.P.H., is professor of New Testament interpretation in the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary at Andrews University and also serves as the director of the Ph.D. in religion and Th.D. programs.

Human Suffering and Creation

The Surprising Missing Link

A woman is beaten up by her drunk husband. She covers it up for a time, but then goes to the police. A young teenager is teased by her peers because she won’t have sex with any of the boys in the high school. A man loses his job because he won’t work on the Sabbath. It throws his family into a tailspin of debt. Sound familiar? These sad experiences are common enough occurrences of suffering repeated in our world again and again. 

What do any of these have to do with the doctrine of creation? Seemingly nothing at all. To many of us, the biblical teaching about creation has to do with a far-off, distant past, completely foreign and remote …

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