Introducing the Why

Jimmy Phillips

writes from Bakersfield, California, where he is director of marketing and communications for San Joaquin Community Hospital.

Above, Below, and in Between

It was a typical Sabbath lunch at my in-laws’ house. Well, typical for us, anyway. You see, my wife is the seventh of eight kids, four boys and four girls. When you factor in seven spouses and 11 grandkids (with one more on the way), our immediate family is nearly 30 people (more important, that means at least 110 tacos).

Sabbath lunch with my new family is probably my favorite time of the week. A few weeks ago I was sitting around the dining room table with my father-in-law and Farai, a family friend.

After just a few minutes of talking with Farai, I was extremely impressed with his spiritual knowledge and insight. An electrical engineer by …

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