Sandra Blackmer

is features editor of Adventist Review.

Chloe the Cat

My friend Lori has been battling life-threatening health issues for quite some time. She has bad days and not-quite-so-bad days, but in the face of daunting challenges her humor, optimism, and faith in God never seem to waver. She finds courage in the Lord’s blessings—both big and small—and her heart is open to the many evidences of God’s love. One of those evidences, she says, is her 11-year-old cat, Chloe.

Lori has been finding emotional and spiritual comfort in playing hymns alone on her piano, sometimes humming along with the music. She soon began to notice, though, that Chloe enjoys the music too. 

“As I start to play, Chloe will come and sit on the …

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