Heather Thompson Day

is working on her Ph.D. at Andrews University. Her most recent book is Cracked Glasses, the Review and Herald’s 2013 young adult devotional.

Red Shirt

Seeing with Jesus’ eyes

I had a student in the English class I was teaching at a community college a couple years ago tell me the most beautiful story. I was talking to them about my life growing up as a biracial child. For me, the combining of two different cultures has been precious. I have never had any real confusion about who I was or where I belonged. I grew up with both my Black father and White mother, who loved each other dearly. There really was not much room for confusion, because I knew them both, loved them both, and knew that they loved me.

My student’s story was about her son. He had been attending his first year of school and often came home raving to his mother about his new friend. …

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