Ask The Doctors

Allan R. Handysides and Peter N. Landless

Peter N. Landless, a board-certified nuclear cardiologist, is director of the General Conference Health Ministries Department. Allan R. Handysides, a board-certified gynecologist, is a former director of the General Conference Health Ministries Department.

Alopecia, or Hair Loss

My grandmother became rather bald in her late 70s, and I have noted that my adult daughter has a bald patch that is the size of a quarter on the top of her head. Is this the beginning of early baldness? And do I have to worry her about this? If I take her to the doctor about it, she may become very self-conscious, and so far she has hardly noticed it.

Hair loss actually occurs in all of us, because our hair follicles undergo cyclical changes that extend over the entire life. They go through active growth phases that alternate with periods of inactivity. This cycle of on-and-off growth leads to little change in the overall pattern of hair distribution, …

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