Lilian Han Im

Born and raised in New York, Lilian Han Im grew up wanting to teach children. She and her husband are now homeschooling their own children, Alexis and Austin, in Richmond, California.

The Eternal Chapter

Can we find peace amid tragedy?

This past February marked the 10-year anniversary of one of my most life-changing events. It spiraled me into a decade-long whirlwind, filled with unanswered questions and unfinished chapters. How my journey culminated with a simple realization is an astonishing testament to God’s unending story of hope. 

My brother, Brian, and I were very close growing up. Although Brian was 2 years younger than I, he seemed more like an older brother. He had a certain confidence that enabled our relationship to flourish in that way. We became the closest during the semester I began graduate studies at Andrews University and he was accepted nearby into the esteemed …

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