Journeys With Jesus

Jill Morikone

is administrative assistant to the president of 3ABN. She and her husband, Greg, live in southern Illinois and enjoy ministering together for Jesus.


She was just a little thing—a half-starved gray tabby barely out of kittenhood—when she first adopted us. We named her Pebbles, and she loved being in our yard sleeping in the flowerbeds, rolling on her back in our gravel driveway, and pouncing on unsuspecting bugs and birds. When my husband, Greg, and I would go for a walk, Pebbles would trot alongside us for a while, and then take refuge beside the road to wait for our return. We never had to call her; she always emerged from the weeds whenever we walked past. Back arched, tail up and waving proudly, she’d escort us home.

We’d had Pebbles about four years when the unthinkable happened: she …

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