Elton Wallace

and his wife, Evelyn, spent 35 years serving as missionaries in Asia and Africa. The manuscript for this article was found among Elton’s things after he died. Evelyn now lives in Angwin, California.

Lake Titicaca Tour

Was Sabbath really the best time to visit?

It was called Railroad Hotel. We didn’t find the inn inviting, but it seemed to be the only one in town. The town was Puno, Peru, on the shores of Lake Titicaca. We had come from La Paz, Bolivia, by bus, boat, and train; and the Railroad Hotel was next to the train station. We didn’t learn much about its quality; we just put down our bags and looked around. There was a phone in the lobby; I found Adventista in the phone book and borrowed a coin at the desk.

It was late Friday afternoon, and we were missionaries in Africa headed home for leave in California. I had heard about Puno a half century before from Fernando Stahl at Lodi camp meeting. …

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