Ronny Nalin

is an associate scientist at the Geoscience Research Institute in Loma Linda, California.


A message on revival and the christian life

In the late years of my childhood and early years of adolescence I used to be haunted by a recurrent dream. Eyes closed but my brain alert, I would order my body to move or turn. Nothing would happen. Neurons in my head would frantically seek a solution to this sense of physical constriction, but to no avail. Attempting escape, I would try in desperate sequence to open my eyelids, roll around, raise an arm, or improvise a leg kick.

Ultimately, I fooled my brain by telling my mind to relax and not focus on the movement problem, to think of something totally unrelated. As my body relaxed, I would then suddenly try to move. When the strategy worked, the unanticipated movement found …

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