Searching the Obvious

Dixil Rodríguez

is a university professor and volunteer hospital chaplain living in Texas.

​Work in Progress

You’re getting better.” Busy placing my groceries on the conveyer belt, I don’t even look up to see who is speaking. “You know, with your column?”

I look around. The young cashier is talking to me.There I am, Dixil Rodríguez, standing in aisle 13 with a loaf of bread in hand, dying of embarrassment.

“I started to read the magazine. I read your column. Better.” He shakes his head in approval, smiles, and begins to bag the groceries.

I glance at his name tag and muster a “Thank you, Steve,” then hurry to empty my cart. I’m getting better? In my mind’s eye I see my editor, reading my column, shaking his head in …

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