​How Can We Make a Difference at Home, in Church, and in School?

Be a Spiritual Leader in Your Family

  • Carve out time each day to strengthen your relationship with your child.
  • Be intentional about nurturing your child’s faith growth.
  • Model a love for learning from the Bible and application of its principles.
  • Offer affirmation to strengthen your child’s personal devotional practices.
  • Make family worship creative, interesting, and meaningful.
  • Trust your child with the responsibility of leading out in family worship.
  • Have frequent faith-related conversations.
  • Model service to others, and involve your child in service projects at home.

Be a Spiritual Mentor to Children at Church

  • Take a genuine interest in the spiritual lives of adolescents in your church.
  • Know the name of each child and adolescent in your congregation.
  • Become involved in their faith journeys.
  • Model in practice the principles and values taught in church programs.
  • Set high goals for the spiritual training of younger members of the church family.
  • Provide quality Sabbath school training.
  • Have adolescents participate actively by leading out in church activities.
  • Organize programs that actively engage adolescents in service.

Be a Spiritual Guide for Your Students

  • Get to know each of your students and build trust relationships with them.
  • Model in practice a love for Christian values and service to others.
  • Lead your students to become seekers after the truth found in Jesus.
  • Help your students to accept Jesus as their personal Savior and Friend.
  • Seek to provide a quality religious education to your students.
  • Offer frequent opportunities for the study of the Bible.
  • Engage students in service projects that are spiritually meaningful.
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