General Conference Session Bulletin 6


San Antonio 360

Sights from the 60th General Conference Session in San Antonio

  • IT’S TIME TO PRAY: Delegates pray together during the Wednesday morning business session. Photo: Kenn Dixon, AR/ANN

  • STORYTELLER EXTRAORDINAIRE: James Nix, director of the Ellen G. White Estate, brings Adventist history to life during an evening devotional. Photo: Dick Duerksen, AR/ANN

  • SERVICE WITH A SMILE: Kari Remmers (left) and Jemima Klingbeil, two of the faithful group of volunteers, check the meal tickets of GC Session attendees and delegates.

    Photo: Seth Shaffer, AR/ANN

  • FULL HOUSE: A picture of the Alamodome during the business session on Wednesday morning. Empty seats were at a premium. Photo: Seth Shaffer, AR/ANN

  • LONG LINES: Lines formed early behind the microphones on the floor of the Alamodome during the ordination of women discussion on Wednesday morning. Photo: Kenn Dixon, AR/ANN

  • THE QUEEN IS IN SESSION: Annalisa Quade in the children’s Sabbath school on the first Sabbath of the GC Session. Photo: Tor Tjeransen, AR/ANN

  • FROM EVERY NATION, TRIBE, TONGUE, AND PEOPLE: Tabitha N. Makana from the East-Central Africa Division during the evening report of her division. 

    Photo: Josafat Zemleduch, AR/ANN

  • SEND A POSTCARD: Visitors to the Columbia Union booth in the North American Division section of the convention center can take an unforgettable picture. Photo: Elsie Tjeransen, AR/ANN

  • A CHAIR IN ACTION: Mike Ryan, a general vice president of the General Conference, chairs the important Wednesday business session.

    Photo: Tor Tjeransen, AR/ANN

  • GREAT COPY: A delegate absorbed in the reading of the daily bulletin of the Adventist Review.

    Photo: tor tjeransen, AR/ANN

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