General Conference Session


San Antonio 360

Sites from the 60th General Conference Session in San Antonio

  • LET’S DO IT! Carol Barron was an engaging chorister during Sabbath morning worship. Photo: Seth Shaffer, AR/ANN

  • UP OR DOWN? Robert Lee Trevino is in the business of moving people as one of many elevator operators in the Alamodome. Photo: Seth Shaffer, AR/ANN

  • GOING FORWARD: Participants and visitors of the GC session on their way to the Alamodome for the evening presentations. Photo: Josef Kissinger, AR/ANN

  • CAN YOU HEAR ME? Nyllah Safotu from Hawaii, U.S.A., moderated an evening presentation expertly on Thursday evening. Photo: Dominik Zeh, AR/ANN

  • MAKING THEIR VOICES HEARD: Delegates use their voting cards during one of the business sessions. 

    Photo: Tor Tjeransen, AR/ANN

  • A COLORFUL SMILE: You can meet many nationalities and dress options as you walk through the exhibit halls. Photo: Josef Kissinger, AR/ANN

  • MORE OPTIONS: Local restaurants in San Antonio have quickly embraced new healthy menu options for the thousands of Adventist visitors in town. 

    Photo: Pieter Damsteegt, AR/ANN

  • PASSION FOR CHRIST: Music becomes the vehicle of adoration during morning worship on the first Sabbath of the session. Photo: Dominik Zeh, AR/ANN

  • NAIL IT ON THE DOOR: Mike Ostrovljanovic from the Stimme der Hoffnung/Hope Channel Germany booth is dressed as a monk inviting people to put up their 95 (or fewer) theses on a replica of a German church door. Photo: Tor Tjeransen, AR/ANN

  • GET THE PICTURE! Members of the Adventist Review/ANN photography team receive their assignments for the day during an early morning team huddle. Photo: Josafat Zemleduch, AR/ANN

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