General Conference Session Bulletin 4


San Antonio 360

Sites from the 60th General Conference Session in San Antonio

  • TOUCH-UP: Georgia Standish, stage make-up artist, finishes preparing Armando Miranda, who has served as a vice president of the General Conference during the past quinquennium, before he enters the brightly lit stage.

    Photo: Mark Froelich, AR/ANN

  • SIGNING THE GOOD NEWS: A sign-language translator communicates the happenings in the Alamodome to an engaged audience. 

    Photo: Tor Tjeransen, AR/ANN

  • IT’S COOOOLD: Nicolai Zeh from Germany dons a Russian hat in the air-conditioned convention center. 

    Photo: Dominik Zeh, AR/ANN

  • VICTORY SHALL BE MINE:Participants of the Sabbath night program in the Alamodome enjoyed the ministry of the Emirau Praise Choir from the South Pacific Division. 

    Photo: Dominik Zeh, AR/ANN

  • THE CONTROL ROOM: Life is busy in the TV control room. Photo: Dominik Zeh, AR/ANN

  • A PASTOR ON THE RUN: Pioneer Memorial Church pastor Dwight Nelson (left), together with his cousin Ralph Watts III, participating in the 5K Fun Run.

    Photo: Pieter Damsteegt, AR/ANN

  •  IN THE PICTURE: A visitor takes a shot with artist Nathan Greene at his booth in the convention center. Photo: David B. Sherwin, AR/ANN

  • COLORFUL GREETING: Blasious M. Ruguri, president of the East-Central Africa Division, and his wife greet the audience in the Alamodome. 

    Photo: Josafat Zemleduch, AR/ANN

  • FULL HOUSE: The first Sabbath of the General Conference session brought thousands of church members to the Alamodome. 

    Photo: Seth Shaffer, AR/ANN

  • GOOD NEWS: The Triadelphia Men’s Quartet (l. to r.: James Schroader, William Fagal, Ted N. C. Wilson, and Gaspar Colón), from the North American Division, singing during morning worship, Friday, July 3. 

    Photo: Tor Tjeransen, AR/ANN

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