General Conference Session Bulletin 3


Sites from the 60th General Conference Session in San Antonio

  • 1. BEWARE OF THE DINOSAUR: A replica of a large dinosaur skeleton at the booth of Southwestern Adventist University Photo: Mark Froelich, AR/ANN

  • 2. FREEDOM: Ryan McCoy, fifth generation grandson of Davy Crockett and an Adventist, reads the Declaration of Independence in front of the Alamo. Photo: Josef Kissinger, AR/ANN

  • 3. Reach Up, Reach In, Reach Out: The result of a three-hour live art performance by Milton Coronado depicting the new strategic plan of Adventist Mission for the next quinquennium. Photo: Pieter Damsteegt, AR/ANN

  • 4. CATCH IT: Linda Johnson and Brenda Walsh delight children (and those slightly older) with free Frisbees. 

    Photo: Josef Kissinger, AR/ANN

  • 5. LIFT HIM UP: A member of the Golden Angels music group from the Northern Asia-Pacific Division sings praises to our Savior. Photo: Josafat Zemleduch, AR/ANN

  • 6. SEARCHING OUT FRIENDS: Binoculars are useful tools in the huge expanse of the Alamodome. Photo: Dominik Zeh, AR/ANN

  • 7. ALWAYS WATCHING: Erik Harty, a member of the technical personnel, operates a camera in the Alamodome during Friday night worship. Photo: Elsie Tjeransen, AR/ANN

  • 8. Big Smile: Dorcas Marolake Obaya and Omabanike Alabi Epse Sessou from the West-Central Africa Division smile into the camera during the Friday morning business session. Photo: Seth Shaffer, AR/ANN

  • 9. ANOTHER EXODUS: Sabbath worshippers pour out of the Alamodome following the conclusion of the morning worship service. Photo: Josef Kissinger, AR/ANN

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