General Conference Session Bulletin 2


Photos from the first few days of General Conference Session

  • The Great Exodus: Delegates on their way from the Alamodome to the Henry B. González Convention Center. Photo: Josef Kissinger, AR/ANN

  • Gratitude: General Conference president Ted N. C. Wilson, together with his wife, Nancy, and General Conference secretary G. T. Ng, expresses his gratitude to Helen Gulfan, wife of the president of the Southern Asia-Pacific Division, who could not attend personally due to serious health issues. Photo: Pieter Damsteegt, AR/ANN

  • Getting the Right Sound: David Anderson and Michael Roberts get ready to mix the right sound. Photo: Seth Shaffer, AR/ANN

  • Welcome: A delegate receives his credentials and materials during the well-organized registration process. Photo: Josef Kissinger, AR/ANN

  • Consternation: Technical staff consult urgently during the first business session as delegates try out their electronic voting devices. Photo: Tor Tjeransen, AR/ANN

  • God and god alone: Singing praises during the Thursday morning worship. Photo: Josef Kissinger, AR/ANN

  • The Great Rush: Delegates passing through lines 

    on their way to the dining hall. Photo: Seth Shaffer, AR/ANN

  • Eloquent Silence: Kenneth Logan practicing silently on the organ before the beginning of the session. Photo: Seth Shaffer, AR/ANN

  • From All Around the World: Delegates from the West-Central Africa Division listen attentively to the Thursday morning worship. Photo: Josef Kissinger, AR/ANN

  • Showing the Flag: A representative from the newly formed Honduras Union Mission, one of 35 new unions welcomed by the delegates. Photo Credit: Pieter Damsteegt, AR/ANN

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