Carolyn Ashworth and Arleen Downing

Carolyn Ashworth and Arleen Downing are great-granddaughters of Agatha and Michael.

​Agatha’s Dress

Kindness can change lives for generations.

It was a hot, humid Kansas day. Agatha stood in the back of the camp meeting tent wondering why she had agreed to attend this strange meeting. She decided that if she remained in the back she could easily leave if she didn’t agree with what the speakers said.

Standing there, she reminisced. She thought back to 1884, when Seventh-day Adventist pastors Ludwig R. Conradi and S. S. Shrock held evangelistic meetings in Hillsboro, Kansas. Her husband, Michael, had shown real interest in what these traveling preachers said. Michael loved Bible study and was an active member of the Hillsboro Mennonite church. Agatha had done everything she could think of to keep …

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