Heidi Ashton

is a homemaker and home educator in central Maryland.

When the Body Isn't Wheat

Do food allergies prohibit communion?

Mommy, when we get to heaven, I will be able to eat everything on the table,” an earnest 4-year-old voice broke into my concentration. Recent blood tests had revealed that our daughter had 19 food sensitivities, and all the old favorites were suddenly off the menu. Gluten and gluten-containing grains, legumes, nuts, dairy, eggs, and rice were all unfriendly to her body, and we began the odyssey of discovering new foods and creating new recipes to be able to feed our child.

The “new normal” left us, as it were, on foreign soil. All the traditional “Adventist” foods were out the door. All the quick-to-grab meals were gone. No more samples at …

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