ADDRESSING PRACTICAL NEEDS: Vicki Griffin, codeveloper of the new Fit & free! lifestyle program, discusses not only physical but also emotional and spiritual aspects of health during a church seminar.


Sandra Blackmer

is features editor of Adventist Review.

Fit & free!

Raising the bar in health ministry

Dragging out the jogging shoes and tossing away the junk food are “givens” in Seventh-day Adventist healthful-living and lifestyle-improvement programs. These crucial elements help people live longer and be healthier. But is this emphasis sometimes too narrow? Michigan Conference health ministries director Vicki Griffin says, “Yes.”

“We live in a postmodern era that evokes such hopelessness that we have to take health work to an entirely new level—one that adds value to people’s lives, one that carefully ministers to the whole person,” Griffin says. “We must create the type of programming, training, and environment that also …

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