Allan R. Handysides and Peter N. Landless

Peter N. Landless, a board-certified nuclear cardiologist, is director of the General Conference Health Ministries Department. Allan R. Handysides, a board-certified gynecologist, is a former director of the General Conference Health Ministries Department.

Fiction, Fancies, and Facts About Obesity

A discussion at a recent Sabbath lunch came around to dieting. There was much “nattering,” but I wasn’t certain there was any real truth in it all. What are the facts and what is the fiction about weight loss?

Free advice often contains cultural myths and personal opinions. Though often supported by anecdotal accounts and—in the case of the Adventist health message—by a religious fervor, the General Conference Health Ministries Department has sought to advocate biblical, Spirit of Prophecy, or evidence-based strategies for health. The persistent belief in myths, despite evidence to the contrary, …

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