Maria Rankin-Brown

is a professor of English at Pacific Union College, where she serves as the composition coordinator for the PUC English Department.

​“Sin of Adulthood” and “Ministerial Cramps” All in a Day’s Work

College student typos give professor a much-needed chuckle.

We have all seen online lists of autocorrect gone wrong. But with some of my students’ essays the typos are pure coincidental genius.

The mistakes are probably a combination of an overreliance on spell-check and the tablet’s evil-evil autocorrect function. Whatever it is, the serendipity of the words joining together in just the right order gives me a much-needed chuckle when the burden of grading 50 essays every other week makes me want to chew on an electrical cord.

From more than 1,000 students in composition courses I’ve collected my favorite typos over …

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