Allison Harper

lives in Macon, Georgia. She is a pastor’s wife, an OB nurse, mother of three, and grandma of one darling little boy.

​Healed for Eternity

A terminal illness brings joy as well as sorrow.

Bye, Mom. This might be the last time I see you, you know.”

I gulped, tears welling up, wondering if Daniel felt some sort of premonition. I was leaving to fly home after spending a gripping, hair-raising, but faith-building two weeks with him.

While with them, I drove our 24-year-old son and his wife from their home in one state to a clinic in another for treatment of his grade 4 reoccurring brain tumor: a trip filled with challenges, answers to prayer, and near misses because of his ongoing challenge with seizures. A firm sense of helplessness engulfed me all the while. As we crossed large expanses of desert, my constant prayer was: …

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