Kimberly Tagert-Paul

writes from Michigan. An internationally published author, her passion is writing for young people. She likes crafts, photography, and reading. Her loves include Jesus, her husband, two sons, and her energetic grandson.

​With Heaven’s Eyes

Eagles are something special between me and God. Moving to the west side of our state yielded my first sighting of our national bird, and each subsequent sighting added another note of God’s grace. It became a God thing, for on days when the world seemed especially blue, the sudden movement of blackened wings often appeared, and seeing them felt like a show of affection from a loving Father. Seeing them was a special reminder of how God doles out His blessings in generosity and love.

After our move we found a pair of nesting eagles on a lake near our home. On winter days we could count on seeing them educating their little ones out on the open ice. Some …

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