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Cliff Goldstein

is editor of the Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guide. His next book, Baptizing the Devil: Evolution and the Seduction of Christianity has just been released by Pacific Press.

​Brute Fact

Lifelong learning—anywhere and anytime!

We’ve all heard of “brute facts,” even if the concept itself is a bit self-contradictory, at least in how it’s often used.

The phrase first caught my attention in Antony Flew’s book There Is a God: How the World’s Most Notorious Atheist Changed His Mind. Working from the premise that the universe had always existed and thus didn’t need an explanation, Flew, as an atheist, believed that “as long as the universe could be comfortably thought to be not only without end but also without beginning, it remained easy to see its existence (and its most fundamental features) as brute facts.”

Though belief in an eternally existing …

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